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Paylinx is a FinTech company specialized in integrated
mobile payments, marketing and media that connects Australian merchants and Chinese consumers.
Mobile payment is the future of commerce, driving businesses
and market growth globally. Paylinx is the WeChat Pay and Alipay service provider in Australia.
service provider
About Our Client
Our client is providing a platform
of engagement for Australian business
to link with Chinese consumers. It stands
within the WeChat ecosystem, changing
the way of purchasing for customers,
turning the society into a cashless society.
What we need to do is to help customers realize the connection
of payment gateway and the export of settlement data with payment
platforms and merchants, help them build the cashier system, scan
payment, wechat account, and small procedures, etc., mainly using
payment functions involving Ali and WeChat Pay.
The Challenge
There are quite lot challenges for us during the gateway system development.
Since the customer is an overseas service provider, we also need to take into account the
technical docking, opening, and binding of various permissions and accurately identify the unified interface of Alipay and WeChat payment to ensure that the data is not lost.
Now HTTPS channels have been fully opened to provide fast and secure payment
systems for Australian businesses and Chinese users.
Paylinx incorporates a payment and digital solution that link to provide the best cust-omer engagement platform to the merchant base in the Australian marketplace.
We help Paylinx to realize the multi-payment function, which can be easily used by mer-chants to collect payment by using scanner gun, scanning the QR code to transfer money by mobile phone, or scanning the QR code
from the store to set the payment amount by user self. So far, many merchants have started to use the payment platform.
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