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ælf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network, with high performance and resource segregation and features more perfect governance structure and development.
In ælf the network, nodes are divided by type, the professional accounting node (the full node) to be able to run on cloud servers, improve the whole blockchain network performance;
"Main chain and side chain" structure, effective implementation resource isolation, "a chain of a scene"; Set up tokens, commissioned by the holder of the voting system, guarantee the efficient management and healthy development.
ælf is a blockchain product. The blockchain is an emerging industry that combines networks and technology. In the profile of ælf, it has a high-performance property called ' Full nodes run on cloud servers'. When we design, we not only need to consider the blockchain design style, but also need to highlight the node features of ælf, and highlight its sense of technology and time.
Through our investigation and analysis, combining with the latest design concept, we design and create referring to the three-point properties of ælf, including technology, node, and blockchain. We chose to use round light vi vision to achieve the effect of transmission and emission.
The whole design style has a light texture, allowing people to have a visual and transparent experience. Here is a sneak peek for the design of ælf.
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