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Block Chain Data Trust Technology

It provides life-cycle services such as data collection, transmission, deposit, access control, transactions, privacy protection, secure sharing and supervision. Through introducing Blockchain and related cryptography technology, the security of the data system can be effectively improved, and the data is traceable and supervised while realizing data privacy protection and controlled data sharing.

Application scenarios: Digit City, Smart Healthcare, Union Risk Control, Supervision Technology

Block Chain Finance Trust Technology

It uses advanced technology such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data, to build an equal and collaborative information network ecosystem in the multi-layer supply and sales environment of the supply chain, sharing various types of information, linking trading relationships, passing on corporate trust, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, reduceing financing costs, and developing ecological finance.

Application scenarios: Receivables Financing, Advance Payment Financing, Reverse Factoring ABS, Inventory Financing

Block Chain Copyright Trust Technology

It solves problems such as originality confirmation, copyright evidence, infringement evidence, attribution transfer, and equity enhancement, and provides diverse solutions for individuals, institutions, enterprises, and alliances. On the basis of ensuring privacy, security and ease of use, it docks the judicial institution recognized by the state to form a complete trust chain, ensuring the rights and interests of users and realizing the value of the works.

Application scenarios: Copyright Evidence, Infringement Evidence, Production Registration Certificate, Intellectual Property

Block Chain Tracing Trust Technology

It provides multi-dimensional information tracing and management services such as product tracing, business data analysis, interactive marketing, and member management for enterprises. Focusing on the tracing system, using Blockchain and big data as technical means, it helps enterprises to increase sales and strengthen credibility, and cooperates enterprises to build a security mutual trust and resource integration marketing platform based on traceable data.

Application scenarios: Agricultural Product Tracing, Medicine Tracing, Luxury Tracing, FMCG Tracing, Supply Chain Tracing

Branding Design

Our brand identity team works to define clear and concise brand strategies, and translate them into actual identity solutions - an online-friendly identity that works in all situations. Our staff understands that you cannot accept mediocrity. That is why we pay great attention to all design details, starting with your logo - the spark plug for your branding engine.

User Experience Design

We design complex websites focusing on web usability and lead generation. By preparing an optimal information architecture, we enable users to have an intuitive and frictionless journey through your content. This process is crucial to deliver a fully functional project which your audience will love.

Website Design and development

An engaging user experience with your website, will accelerate your business towards achieving greater commercial success. Understanding that key element is pivotal in your digital landscape and competitive success. We develop dedicated web applications that are customized, powerful and flexible.

Apps Development

We can create the perfect Mobile Application for your business idea.We Develop for iOS, Android, Web and Combination platforms with fully customized coding. Make your marketing interactive and effective by engaging your audience seamlessly on both iPhone, Android and web platforms.

E-commerce Solutions

We implement main stream e-commerce software which offers almost unlimited possibilities in order to achieve all your functionality requirements. E-commerce projects are carried out in SCRUM methodology in order to engage the client in the decision process and to ensure maximum control over project resources.

Security Consulting

Legend Digital offers professional security consulting for SMBs and blockchain projects, by analysing your existing IT infrastructure and needs, Legend Digital can provide tailored solutions to help you defend against accidents and malicious attacks. Legend digital will bring an easy end to end solution to ease your navigation in today's cyber frontier.

CRM&ERP Solution

Legend CRM&ERP Solutions are designed to give an effective management strategy for all your business processes. Warehousing, Logistics, Inventory, CRM, Financial management are all taken care of, helping to minimise cost and maximise efficiencies.

You can achieve a faster and efficient management experience, optimize the process and reduce the operation risk through Smart Workflow Framework of Legend CRM&ERP Solutions. It can gain intelligent process automation to enrich customer experience and improve the market performance. With the cloud-based service, a real-time management process will also be performed across the multiple devices.

We can help you to customize your own CRM&ERP solution to achieve more in-depth business management experience.