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LEEKICO is a crypto-currency crowdfunding platform. It is offering new
ways to self-fund as well as giving investors a chance to know more about blockchain.
It aims to build an initial coin offering platform with ensured security,
integrity, fairness and transparency
for both start-up companies and
It provides Cryptocurrency and Blockchain start-up
companies, which own high return products and
share distribution projects, with crowdfunding
services, and provide investors with comprehensive
cryptocurrency consulting services, pre-ico, and
post-ico management service.
When a new ICO project launched, there will be millions of people try to get involved in peak time.
The challenge for us not only about design, but also the feasibility and practicality. Stress testing has been conducted precisely before launching.
Services We Offer
The LEEKICO platform will optimize the initial coin offering service experience through the strong network and technical support for investors who are interested in the industry. Legend will continuously serve our clients with technical support.
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