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Simple Payments for Tomorrow.

Released Feb 1, 2018
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About Our Client

In Jan 2018, with the engagement and hard work from the Legend’s team, our client launched blockchain product - HyperPay - A Multiple Digital Currency Payment Solution. It is a revolution for the system of accessing, exchanging and transacting funds for both users and service providers. HyperPay will enable users to better organise their financial lives and gain greater control of their payment options by combining transaction methods into a single gateway with agility and security unlike any other wallet.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge along the way was the user experience design. Our goal for UX design is balancing consistency and innovation. To ensure a higher usability, the safest way is to make the experience predictable and consistent. However, to improve the current experience will often require innovation which involves teaching the user about new interaction that is possibly faster and easier to perform. Once learned, the digital experience is strongly improved. During the prototyping stage of the application, we conducted lots of user testing and reiteration to ensure a flawless experience.

Another big challenge we faced is security. As a wallet with both on-chain and off-chain features, we employed segregate wallet servers to maximise security posture of our service while minimising wallet server exposures. We also conduct 24x7 Cyber threat and situation awareness monitoring with continuous security vulnerability scan with CVE match database


  • Brand Design (logo, mascot, stationary etc)
  • Website Development
  • App Developmnet
  • Blockchain Technology Application
  • Daily Basis Maintenance

The Results

HyperPay wallet now has more than 100,000 users,  supporting more than 40 mainstream cryptocurrencies. We currently in the process of designing the merchant side of HyperPay, doing usability testing and getting useful data for the current version. Here is a sneak peek for the app, which allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payment from the customers directly.

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