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Blockchain Solutions

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

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Consortium Blockchain Solutions

Apply blockchain technologies to more scenarios

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability
In the advantage of anti-tamper and traceable features of the information on blockchain, realize anti-counterfeiting traceability of commodities in combination with IoT and big data technologies.
Supply chain finance
Create a new financing model of supply chain finance, featuring in symmetric information sharing, core enterprises’ credit value transfer , note separation process and risk control, for the upper and lower enterprises on the supply chain. Facilitate supervision by offering tracing data so as to elevate efficiency of the whole industry.
Based on the financial characteristic of blockchain, to realize the circulation and settlement of points between different platforms. Provide functionalities of point issue, circulation, exchange, calculation and etc. Expand the usage of points, enrich business ecology and reach a win-win situation between merchants and users.